Youtube superstars Sidemen run scared after chanting ‘England’ at Aberdeen’s Pittodrie Stadium

Youtube superstars Sidemen ended up running scared to their taxi after chanting ‘England’ outside Aberdeen’s Pittodrie Stadium.

Harry Lewis, Ethan Payne and Tobi Brown donned kilts during a flying visit to Scotland which also saw them trying battered mars bars and tossing the caber.

The lads landed in Aberdeen on Wednesday after they threw a dart at a map of the UK and randomly chose to go wherever it landed.

In their new video of their trip they tried ‘speaking Scottish’, played the pipes alongside Keith Wellings at Dunnottar Castle and going for a quick dip in the North Sea.

Sidemen apologise after England chant outside Pittodrie stadium

The trio were kitted out in Scots traditional dress at Mains Highlandwear on Union Terrace, then headed to Codona’s and The Den and the Glen where they said they met a questionable looking Shrek.

At Pittodrie Stadium after chanting “England” they apologised to locals admitting they were embarrassed at the dare they’d been set.

The video which has now amassed almost 4 million views in the day it has been up also features other Sidemen including cofounder and raper KSI the as they go to Peterborough.

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