Why film crews and actors have been spotted in period costume in Gower, Swansea

Gower has been transformed into a film set once again.

Bracelet Bay was invaded by people wearing war time outfits as they worked in freezing cold conditions earlier this month, ahead of three weeks of filming.

Sian Sullivan, 53, from Llansamlet, who took a picture of the filming, said: “I thought, ‘what are they doing over there?’ It looked as if there was a group of girls with sailor hats, ties, shirts and skirts on. They were doing one take of them sat on the grass. All the people around them were jumping up and down because it was cold. It must have been absolutely freezing. They walked over from Castellemare and I could see a man with his microphone. I did not get the chance to ask what they were filming.”

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Production company World Media Rights is behind the Second World War film, called War Games, which will be shown on Curiosity Stream, which covers North America. Plans are also in place to sell War Games to Europe. You can get more Swansea stories straight to your inbox with our newsletter.

The filming taking place

Alan Griffiths, chief executive of World Media Rights Ltd, said the image pictured was of a scene where Vera Laughton Mathews, director of the Wrens, who also served in WWI, was looking to recruit accountant Jean Laidlaw. He said: “It’s a story set in Liverpool during the Second World War, during 1940 and 1941. The German U-boats were sinking a massive amount of freighters. Churchill called a man out of retirement, Gilbert Roberts, who was forcibly retired as he had tuberculosis. He was tasked to set up a war gaming room and the Admirals didn’t think much of this.

“Gilbert said he needed men but they were not available so he was forced to recruit from the Wrens, who supplied him with everything in terms of brain power. Gilbert and his team decoded the U-boat tactic and they were so good they destroyed half the U-boat fleet.

“We managed to find the Wrens still alive – one is 102 and she told us what it was like. We finish on the weekend after three weeks of filming. Most of it was filmed in Bay Studios in Swansea. We really liked working with the Welsh actors from the National Theatre of Wales at Bay Studios. Bay Studios is one of the best I have ever seen.”

A still from the production of two of the principle characters played by Molly Vivers and Julie Barclay, discussing setting up a female war gaming unit in the Royal Navy

Mr Griffiths opted to film in Wales as he thought there would be financial support to work here. He added: “We thought there was a financial incentive to film in Wales but we were told that they were not funding films in March and were focusing on April.”

Swansea has been home to a variety of film productions over the years. The city saw Netflix and Channel 4 adventure drama, The End of the F***ing World, filmed here in April, 2019, with crews centred on the Rowberry Fashion store in Port Tennant. Here’s a look back at some of the best.

Second World War drama Their Finest also saw the heart of the city centre transformed into scenes from the 1940s. Keeping Faith, starring Eve Myles, was also filmed in the city, along with The Accident, which was released in October, 2019, and starred Sarah Lancashire.

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