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No matter how much disturbing economic news comes out, the Biden White House just keeps gaslighting about how great everything’s going. Heck, in his interview with “60 Minutes” yesterday, Biden even reacted to a question about inflation like it was no big deal:

Wow. When’s the last time Biden was in a store (not counting an ice cream shop)?

However, it doesn’t appear that very many people are believing this administration’s gaslighting instead of their own wallets, purses, bank accounts and 401Ks. Grabien News founder Tom Elliott kicks things off with video from MSNBC how some brutal numbers for Biden and the Dems:

Elliott spots some serious “good luck with that” energy in the Dems’ midterm messaging:

All this while Biden and the Democrats just keep doubling down on the BS that nobody outside of their base is going to believe.

There are a certain number of people who will believe absolutely anything.



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