Target toothbrush LOSER David Leavitt goes into full-blown ‘OH WOE IS ME’ mode when dragged for claiming people hate capitalism – twitchy.com

David Leavitt will forever be the lame Target guy.

For those of you who are smart enough to stay away from Twitter, Leavitt once went to a Target store and harassed a store manager about a toothbrush he wanted for a penny or something … he then went online to try and drag this store manager and get her canceled because she refused to sell him the toothbrush for a penny which completely backfired on the troll, as these things often do.

Search Target Tori to learn more.

Seems he’s learned nothing though no matter how many times he’s dragged online for saying or doing something stupid:

Blah blah blah. C’mon man, if you’re going to troll at least make it interesting.

Oh hey, we’re not entirely sure we believe this but if this gets him some attention, why not.

He went so far as to show everyone his inbox.

Pay close attention to the OK Cupid one …

Someone likes him.


Showing that he reported a bunch of people doesn’t prove they were threatening him.


On and on and on with this guy.


We can’t help but wonder if the people he’s accusing of harassing and threatening him will somehow end up with free trips to Hawaii as well.

Woof, dude.



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