‘Stupid w**ker!’ Kirstie Allsopp’s foul-mouthed rant as critics mock host’s NHS complaint | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

“That’s all reasonable. But if many, many hospitals are able to do that there’s no data to support the hospitals who aren’t doing that.”

Kirstie, who is currently campaigning and visiting hospitals around the country against these internal regulations added: “I don’t want to name hospitals here, but there are hospitals all over the country which have enormous differences, as I said, some hospitals where you can only visit by appointment or worse.

“They have a system called ‘a purpose for visit’. Obviously, as you know, if someone has suffered from a stroke or post-operative delirium or has received bad news and had to have rushed surgery, they’re in shock and familiar faces are incredibly medically important.”

Kirstie closed her interview with advice for those who have problems with the rules surrounding visiting loved ones as she urged the public to get in contact with PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service).

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