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Republican governors from the southern states of Texas and Florida have been sending some illegal immigrants to places in the north that have previously claimed to be proud “sanctuary cities.” That has caused a great triggering on the Left. In addition, Gov. Ron DeSantis sent a few dozen illegals to the liberal elite haven of Martha’s Vineyard, which caused the island to declare a “humanitarian crisis.”

Former NBC and CNN journo Soledad O’Brien is disgusted by what she’s seeing, and the talking points about “Christians on the Right” have been given a boost:

It’s strange that lefties (which of course includes many current and former “journalists”) have such short memories.

When Biden sent illegal immigrants to all parts of the US libs didn’t make a peep.

Can anybody convince O’Brien that an essentially open border encourages human trafficking (not to mention many other things)?

Was it “human trafficking” when Biden was doing it?

It’s clear the Republicans have scored some points on this issue based on the freakout from the Left.




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