Scots Insta-famous adventurer accused of abusing three partners over eight years

An online star whose climbing adventures are followed by thousands of fans has been accused of abusive behaviour towards three ex-partners.

One woman was shocked to find Martin McGinley had filmed them having sex in a pub toilet, she told a court yesterday.

And a former police officer claimed McGinley flew into a rage after she complained about his raunchy moves with another woman at a fancy dress party.

Former soldier McGinley, 36, is the self-styled Scottish Adventurer.

He has nearly 10,000 followers on Instagram and posts videos of his Scottish hill-climbing feats on YouTube.

He was on trial at Hamilton Sheriff Court yesterday accused of domestic abuse charges spanning eight years.

Instagram star Michael McKinley
Instagram star Michael McKinley

McGinley denies threatening or abusive behaviour, conducting a course of abusive behaviour towards two women and taking an intimate photo without a woman’s consent.

One alleged victim, now aged 40, told prosecutor Scott O’Connor she had a three-month relationship with McGinley but ended it after they argued during a night out.

She said: “The next morning my chest was bruised. I knew deep down that something really horrible had happened but I was so drunk it wiped my memory.”

The woman, a youth care worker, described McGinley as “too intense, controlling and manipulative”.

She recalled how he’d sent her a photo of them having sex in a toilet at the Citation bar in Glasgow city centre.

The woman said: “We were both drunk and thought it would be fun to have sex there. He took out his phone and took a picture of us in the mirror.

“I wasn’t aware of it happening – I wouldn’t have allowed it. I was really angry.

“Martin had accused me of still seeing my ex and threatened to contact him with the picture.”

The court heard that when the woman confronted him over the photo, McGinley texted back: “I’ve been over that a million times.

“The only answer I can give is that I was drunk. I can’t remember doing it but the point is I deleted it.”

Another alleged victim, a 45-year-old former police officer, said she and McGinley were together between 2012 and 2014.

She recalled a fancy dress party to celebrate her birthday on Halloween 2012.

She was a police officer at the time and some of her colleagues were at the bash.

The woman, now a personal trainer, told the court: “One of my friends jumped on Martin in the kitchen.

“He entertained it and was grinding with her in almost a sexual manner.

“I told Martin I was annoyed and he called me and my friend sluts.

“He went to bed after that. Later I found a bedroom lamp smashed and one of my dresses ripped.”

The court also heard a claim that McGinley kicked two cats out of the bedroom that night.

The 45-year-old woman also alleged that on a separate occasion McGinley ordered her out of his home in East Kilbride late at night and she had to walk a mile in her pyjamas to a friend’s house.

McGinley, now of Glasgow, also denies a course of abusive behaviour towards a third woman between August 2019 and July the following year.

The charge includes allegations of verbal and physical abuse and a claim that he touched her private parts without her consent.

The trial continues.

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