Scots celebs pay tribute to Rabbie Burns with some fun takes on his talent

Scotland’s Bard is 263 years young today and Scots around the globe are celebrating the fact by tucking into some haggis, neeps and tatties with some whisky or Irn Bru.

Some take Burns Day more seriously than others and we’ve had some fun scouring the web for some of the more unusual celeb posts that are Rabbie related.

Whilst some joked about Nae Fond Kiss on account of Covid, others posted a picture of a haggis being taken for a walk in London.

Chef Nigella Lawson had a #RecipeOfTheDay featuring Black Pudding Meatballs, and added: “But it is #BurnsNight so if you wished to replace the black pudding with haggis, I’d understand!”

River City actor and DJ Grant Stott posted up a fine portrait of himself as Rabbie Burns which was deemed uncanny by many on account of his likeness.

He told fans: “Happy Burns Day – ya beautiful bunch of sonsie faced wee radges!!”

Lorraine Kelly also couldn’t resist a pun with a t-shirted picture of Rabbie beside with the message: “Happy Burns Night. I’m sexy and a poet.”

And comedian Janey Godley gave us a Beyonce-style Burns verse which said: “Aw the unwed lassies, aw the unwed lassies, fling yer airms up, if ye liked it you shud a tacked a ring oan it!”

Janey Godley gave her version of Beyonce Burns

Shetland’s Douglas Henshall wrote: “On this day, the 225th of January, it is time to wish Robert Burns a happy Birthday. #BurnsDay ” Fans couldn’t resist pointing out his error whilst others lamented that it had a been a long January.”

Jack and Victor also challenged fans to compete a new verse of Tam O Shanter based on their own Tam O’ Shant Pay

One fan offered: “Huckled into the caul night air Tae stumble back tae his misers lair When wha appears but the young team Wha haunt dear old craiglang scheme Auld tam set aff hame at a fair pace Afore they rearranged his face”

Then jack and victor stumble in From the nicht that’s cauld n grim Tam sees his chance, a free pint in sight Just to be telt “get oan yer bike” A’plenty bustle at the door As Isa shouts “ah ken some more” Then they gither roon the table Whilst Isa then regales the fable.

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