Piers Morgan in Twitter feud with son after sharing views on Russia Ukraine conflict

Piers Morgan and his son Spencer have clashed in a public disagreement on Twitter over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The 55-year-old made it clear that he does not agree with his sports journalist son’s viewpoints as he retweeted comments shared online by Spencer and hit back with a response, writes The Mirror.

Spencer tweeted on Tuesday: “If you aren’t personally prepared to fight I don’t think you can call for direct action that will most likely lead to world war 3.”

But not agreeing with his son, the former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers publicly replied: “Strange mindset for a journalist… so only serving military can comment on whether military action is justified/necessary when a dictator illegally invades a democratic country?”

One follower was so confused by the tweets they had to ask if Spencer was Piers’ son.

Piers Morgan gets into Twitter spat with son on sharing views on Ukraine

They wrote: “I’m Canadian so forgive me but isn’t Spencer your son? Lol. Are you Twitter beefing your son?” And Piers replied: “He is…. we Morgans enjoy a bit of Twitter beef, even with each other.”

Spencer then retweeted the message and added: “Fortunately we have brains so can disagree without falling out A lot of people on here should try it.”

Then a fan messaged him saying: “@spencermorgan93 and @piersmorgan I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the dinner table with you and your dad.”

The tweets.

Spencer then made a cheeky dig at his dad for when he famously stormed off the GMB set after getting involved in a heated dispute with Alex Beresford about Meghan Markle. Spencer re-shared the footage of his dad walking off the set of the ITV show before typing: “Usually ends like this.”

It comes after Piers was less than impressed after tuning in to watch American President Joe Biden ‘s announcement about the current Russia-Ukraine conflict on Thursday.

The telly star blasted the 79-year-old Leader of the Free World after being infuriated by the televised White House address.

Taking to Twitter to lash out, Piers claimed to have seen Biden laugh during the press conference.

Spencer made a dig at his dad.

“Biden just laughed several times during his Ukraine press conference. What the f**k is he finding so funny? Does he not realise the gravity of this situation? Does he not care that so many innocent people are being murdered? What a horribly inappropriate and shameful moment,” the former Good Morning Britain host typed.

In a separate post shared, Piers uploaded an image showing the US President laughing while standing on a podium.

He added: “The smirking President of the United States, hours after Russia starts war in Ukraine. Unbelievable.”

After the tweets, one of his followers hit back asking Piers if he expected Biden to “come out in tears.”

The social media user replied to Piers: “That’s really out-of-context, but you knew that already. Maybe he should come out in tears instead, or lit off his a** on decongestant? What exactly do you want here?.”

Having none of it, bolshy Piers hit back: “I want a lack of smirking which shouldn’t be too much to ask when a US President is talking about war. And you lot would be the first to hammer Trump if he’d done it, so stop being so hypocritical.”

Other social media followers thought Piers was being unfair and pointed out that Biden smiling was when the media asked questions following his announcement.

One typed back: “He’s smirking at a question from the media, not during his remarks.”

A second responded: “He smirked every time about 100 people all asked questions at once, nothing more to it.”

Piers and Spencer

Another added: “The end of the press conference was chaos, people just shouting questions at him. He was laughing occasionally at not being able to answer one person at a time. Everything else was precise and damning. Brilliantly selective again from you.”

TAKEN FROM TWITTER Piers Morgan gets into Twitter spat with son on sharing views on Ukraine

Some replied to Piers: “Why was he laughing” and “With you here Piers.”

Last week, Vladimir Putin started an assault on Ukraine after weeks of preparation.

Thousands have already died – including 16 Ukrainian children – and thousands of people have already fled Kyiv.

Russia is believed to have an arsenal of nearly 6,000 nuclear weapons at its disposal – the most of any country in the world.

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