Lorraine Kelly shares sweet Mother’s Day throwback snap on ‘Costa Clyde’

Lorraine Kelly has shared a sweet black and white snap with her mum for Mother’s Day.

The 61-year-old ITV presenter posted the lovely photo on social media showing herself as a youngster with her mum on the ‘Costa Clyde’.

Anne, 80, still lives in East Kilbride where Lorraine grew up and has been a huge inspiration to her daughter throughout her career.

Lorraine shared the sweet snap with the caption: “Love this pic of mum all glam on the Costa Clyde. Happy Mothers Day”

An old photo of Lorraine Kelly and mum Anne
An old photo of Lorraine Kelly and mum Anne

Last year, Lorraine gave a touching tribute to her mum in the Sunday Post, admitting that Anne watches her show every day.

“Mum is so proud of me,” Lorraine said.

“But, like all mums, she tells the truth. She watches the show every day with her cup of tea and we always catch up on the phone after.

“She’ll often say, ‘why didn’t you ask this question?’ or ‘I liked that dress’ or ‘I didn’t like your outfit today! She isn’t scared to say what she thinks. But I welcome that. I value her opinion.

“My mum is amazing,” Lorraine continues.

Lorraine Kelly as baby with mum Anne
Lorraine Kelly as baby with mum Anne

“I just can’t imagine life without her.”

Fans absolutely loved the ITV host’s Instagram post for her mum, with many taking to the comments to say so.

One wrote: “Nowhere beats Costa Clyde , happy Mother’s Day to you Lorraine & your beautiful mum”

Another said: “Spit of you now Lorraine. Our mums always looked glam in the old photos.”

“That photo is so cute. Your mum looks very glam.” commented another.

A fourth penned: “Wow what a beautiful photo your mam so glam loved that style. Your very like your mother. Happy mothers day.”

A fifth said: “Happy Mother’s Day on the beautiful Costa Clyde!!!!!.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV

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