Literally SHAKING! Lefty blue-check melts DOWN because American Airlines crew member wore a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ hat – twitchy.com

Can you imagine having so little to worry about that you get your britches all bunched up over a hat a guy from the aircrew is wearing at work? What a sweet and PRIVILEGED life this Christian Damiana must have.

Note that he has fewer than 2000 followers and yet is notable enough for Twitter to verify.

*eye roll*

Hate the right people and yadda yadda yadda …

OH, he locked down.

Don’t worry, we snagged a screenshot.

We really hope American Airlines ignores this twit.

And maybe Twitter changed their TOS, but locking your verified is supposed to be a big no-no when you’re verified.


American Airlines is all a-flutter with concern:

Think they’ll fire this guy?

We certainly hope not.

How sad.



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