Libra Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 19 – 2 5, 2022

Drumroll, please! This Thursday, September 22, the radiant Sun exits staid Virgo and flits into your amorous sign for the next four weeks. This is the annual kickoff to Libra season, the most wonderful time of your year. If you spent the past month deep in your private world (with el Sol cruising through your introspective twelfth house), you’re probably more than ready to blast out of that cave and reconnect with the wider world. Meeting new people and setting off on great adventures always buoys your spirits—not to mention your confidence. You’re a people person by nature, Libra, but during your birthday month, with the Sun in your self-sufficient first house, you may actually prefer to test-flap your wings in a solo flight. It’s not every day that you’re eager to pursue your independent interests, whether taking a workshop or checking into cutting-edge events. During this empowering cycle, simply trying new things will energize you. No need to commit to anyone or any group (unless you REALLY want to). Until the Sun leaves your sign on October 23, let your tastes change like the wind; something even better COULD be right around the corner.   

This Friday, you might realize that it’s finally time to let go of something you’ve outgrown or simply fallen out of love with. You can blame—or thank—mindful Mercury, who’s been retrograde in your sign since September 9 and now is pivoting back into Virgo and your twelfth house of release and healing for the rest of its backspin, until October 2. This might be something you’ve been thinking about for a while, which doesn’t make it any easier to rip off the Band-Aid. But you may suddenly “get” how much you’ve been sacrificing by clinging to this habit or relationship.

It’s time be brutally honest with yourself: Have you done everything in your power to be supportive and find a win-win solution? If you truly have, then you are free to move on without guilt (and maybe even without regrets). If you can make one last-ditch effort, pull out all the stops before October 2. Either way, you’re on the threshold of breaking free once and for all.  But remember: That’s just the first step. Next, it’s vital that you give yourself time to heal and deal. This internally focused Mercury retrograde can help you get to the root of the matter—and once you see where the pattern began, you can break it for good.


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All kinds of fresh starts are looming in the foreground this weekend. Sunday marks the annual new moon in your sign, which brings weeks, if not months, of opportunities to hit refresh on almost any area of life you wish. You only get one of these manifesting moons a year—in a sense, it’s your very own astrological New Year—and no, it’s not too early to get to work on those resolutions! Now is the time to till the soil, plant the seeds and decide what you’d like to create over the coming six months. Don’t be afraid to think BIG, which includes mapping out the steps you’ll need to get there. Imagine this new moon as the starting block of an extraordinary transformational journey, then bring your focus around to what you can do to foster your personal growth and development. Invest in yourself to step into this next, six-month chapter.

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