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Laura told her 208,000 Instagram followers on Monday that she was wondering what could have been when she picked up her niece from school and watched parents with their children – some of whom Laura had gone to school with herself. The Great British Bake Off star has revealed that she had tried for a baby with her husband, Matt, in the past but they had struggled to conceive. 

On Instagram stories, she was searingly honest about her feelings.

She wrote: “I did feel a little bit sad today seeing people I went to school with picking up their kids from the same school as my niece, thinking that could have/should have been me.

“But I’m trying not to dwell on it.

The 32-year-old was also feeling grateful.

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Laura continued: “Anyway, no use dwelling on it.

“Like I said, I’m lucky in other ways and I’m grateful to have my Niece’s and Nephew’s.” (sic)

In 2020, Laura told the Daily Mail that she had considered undergoing bariatric surgery as doctors had told her losing weight would help her conceive.

She said: “I came close to doing it. Very close. Matt was supportive but said it had to be my decision.

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