Katie Price shows off new tattoo that covers tributes to her kids

Katie Price has covered her tribute tattoo to her children and fiance Carl Woods with a sleeve covering half of her arm.

The former glamour models sleeve also covers up the tributes to her kids – Harvey, 19, Junior, 16, Princess, 14, Jett, eight, and Bunny, seven, as well as her fiancé, former Love Island star Carl Woods.

As reported in The Mirror, Katie previously had a collection of tattoos on her forearm that included her nickname for herself and Carl, “Priceywoods”, and a charm bracelet with the initial of each of her five children dangling from it.

Katie's old tattoo
Katie’s old tattoo

She also had her name and Carl’s dangling underneath it, designed to look like a bracelet but her tattoo makeover didn’t stop there – and she’s now had her other arm done too.

Her right arm is covered in an array of black and white lilies, daffodils and hyacinths, which pay homage to her mum, who has a terminal lung condition.

The new tattoo on her left arm includes flowers around the back and a unicorn on her forearm, a possible tribute to her lifelong love of horses.

The former glamour model showed off her new set of ink as she lounged on the beach with Carl during their Thailand getaway.

Her new tattoos weren’t the only thing to draw the eye, as her latest surgery was getting plenty of attention in a tiny black string bikini.

The make up-free star didn’t appear to have a care in the world as she lay back with Carl, who wore black swimming shorts and a white tank top for their trip to the beach.

In one snap, Katie was pictured stretching her arms out in front of her to admire her new tattoos and in another, she was seen straddling a motorbike as Carl and another man watched on.

It comes after Katie reportedly left her friends “appalled” by bringing back the massive boobs she had in her days as glamour model Jordan.

A source told New magazine: “Katie has taken her boobs back to Jordan days – she hopes she can recreate her fame from the attention her massive boobs get her.”

They added: “Friends are appalled that it keeps happening. It’s getting out of control. You’re meant to have six months between each surgery. She’s now had more than 15 various procedures in two years.”

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