ITV The Chase viewers furious and all saying the same thing after watching this week’s episodes

Fans of The Chase on ITV have been taking to social media to voice their annoyance after watching episodes this week.

Viewers tuning into the long-running prime-time quiz are becoming increasingly irritated by the re-runs which have been screened recently.

Each of this week’s instalments, in particular, date back as far as 2018, with one question about Boris Johnson being Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs irking a number of people at home.

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“Boris wasn’t even PM when this was filmed – that’s how old it is!,” tweeted one viewer, while another remarked about the pre-Covid atmosphere in the studio.

“You can always tell an old ep of #TheChase since they are all practically sat on each other’s laps and get to shake Bradley Walsh’s hand at the end,” posted @MissW_xxx.

Some could even remember the contestants from the first time around, thereby ruining any suspense regarding the outcome of the episodes. And this was especially the case with the Emmerdale celebrity special from 2018 which was re-run on Sunday (March 13), which many fans pointed out had already been aired several times.

“@ITV have repeated this episode of #TheChase more times than they’ve repeated the bloody Harry Potter films,” moaned @lastcaress1972, while Benjamin Heaton said: “I’ve lost count the amount of times they’ve repeated this episode.”

It’s not yet known when a new series of The Chase will air, although it’s likely to be sometime later this year.

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