Gok Wan would love to dress Sharleen Spiteri and says Scot is ‘one of the most stylish women’

Gok Wan says he’d love to have the opportunity to dress Sharleen Spiteri because he thinks she’s one of the most stylish women in media.

The fashion guru, who comes to Glasgow’s SWG3 to DJ at a reopening party following lockdown this Saturday, says it would be an honour to talk fashion with Sharleen.

Although Gok often gives advice to women who need a little extra help when it comes to dressing, he explained there’s not much advice he’d give to the Teas singer.

He told Bev Lyons during a The Lyons Den Daily Record Facebook live chat: “You know I’m a massive Sharleen Spiteri fan. And I’ve met Sharleen several times.

“I’m really, really lucky and in fact, I’ve met Sharleen and Annie Lennox both in the same restaurant in London at the same time – The Wolseley.

Sharleen Spiteri is one of the most stylish women, says Gok Wan

“Sharleen is gorgeous and whenever she seems to be doing an interview in London at one of the studios, I’m in the studio working or doing something.

“I’ve met her many times and also at Party At The Palace in Scotland that my friend Peter runs. She played there one day and so it was it was an amazing opportunity.

He added: “Not that Sharleen needs my help.

“I think she genuinely is one of the most stylish women in the media and I wish she’d asked me because I would love that to be my claim to fame.

“That would be right up there.

“There’s a handful of women that I would absolutely love to dress and not because I want to give them a makeover but because I just love them and I think they are incredible and I love their style and Sharleen would be one of them actually.”

“You know there’s several designers out there like Margaret Howell and Victoria Beckham and those designers where the women’s tailoring is relaxed but super-beautiful and very very slick and Sharleen does that. “

“She’ll wear a pair of wide leg trousers and a pair of trainers and she will make it look a million dollars.

“She has this innate ability just for her to wear the clothes and not the clothes wear her. I think she’s genuinely is one of the most stylish women out there.”

When it comes to style, Gok says ‘purple is the new season’s colour’ but there are also no mistakes people can make these days with dressing because its up to them.

He said: “There are no mistakes because it’s your body, and it’s your aesthetic. You can do what you want with it.”

Gok Wan is set to DJ this Saturday in Glasgow

He also revealed he is heading to This Morning today to make a pie inspired by one he tasted in Aberdeen.

He said: “I’m cooking on the stove tomorrow. I’m doing the fashion next week. My dates change depending on what’s in the diary and tomorrow I’m cooking pies with an Asian twist.

“Actually, I got the idea from a pie I had in Aberdeen many many years ago. I was DJing there and I left the club and my driver up there Scott said, ‘Right? Have you ever had this type of pie?’

“And it wasn’t the macaroni cheese pie. It’s a different type of pie, and I had the first version of this pie in Scotland. And now I’m cooking my version of it tomorrow on the show.

“I used to like a square sausage in Scotland and I used to go to meetings in Edinburgh and stay at the Principal hotel and opposite was a restaurant where every single time I’d go for mince and tatties.

“It was just the most simple but most brilliant meal gorgeous.

“When we were on tour in Scotland doing One Size Fits All one of our requirements was also white pudding and chips for our dinner always with one portion of mushy peas and one portion of gravy or curry sauce without question.

“Deep fried with chips, delicious.”

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