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Taking risks don’t come naturally to everyone, something Emilia Fox, 47, admitted she wants to change about herself. The Silent Witness actress explained she wants to take more risks as she gets older and begins facing new life changes, such as falling in love with her “amazing” new man Jonathan Stadlen.

Friends of Emilia and the Netflix producer say they got together in June last year, after meeting through mutual pals.

They are understood to have met members of each other’s families and are “besotted”.

And in a new interview, the BBC star opened up about allowing herself to fall in love once again.

Chatting to Good Housekeeping magazine in honour of the publication’s 100th anniversary, Emilia revealed this was the last risk she took.

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“Falling in love again; that’s a big risk,” she smiled.

“You have to be prepared to put all your cards on the table, to leave your past in the past and look forward to the future together – and to be vulnerable with that.

“I think that’s quite a brave thing to do.”

Of Jonathan, who owns production company called Knickerbockerglory behind the recent hit Netflix series An American Murder: The Family Next Door, she added: “It makes my heart dance thinking about what attracted me to him.

She was engaged to talent agent Luc Chaudhary, but the pair announced their split in October last year, 18 months after they met on the exclusive celebrity dating app Raya.

And it may come as a relief for her to find happiness again, as she admitted she’s guilty of trying to “form the relationships that you think might last for ever”.

“In my 30s, I was dealing with lots of change in my personal life; it felt like being on a rollercoaster,” she continued to tell Good Housekeeping.

“In your 20s, you can pursue your career; then suddenly, in your 30s, your body clock is ticking.

“You’re trying to form the relationships that you think might last for ever and, when they don’t, you have to work out how you feel about that and what you do.”

She added, laughing: “Thankfully, my 40s have been much calmer – and happier, too.”

Good Housekeeping celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, and the March issue is on sale 27th January.

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