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If you are a National Democratic Committee member residing in Florida where Governor Ron DeSantis has been leading with bold conservative policies, you might try to throw a wrench in something like a rally. You might even be tempted to brag about your anti DeSantis banner efforts on Twitter.

Somebody hand over the participation trophy, political adversaries flew meaningless words in the sky. This particular anti Desantis activist already has a certificate recognizing his efforts, actually.

Sorry, to take away from the message, but someone still has their freedom.

Never mind understanding the word “facist.” Surely, this was money well spent in the fight against a political figure you disagree with.

While funny that one outraged individual, or even a small organic group, would fund such a feeble effort, did they even?

Explains a lot if it was PAC funded, who but the hive mind could decide that the sacrifice of other Leftist ideals (um environmental impact, anyone?) was worth flying an epic-ish Desantis burn in the sky.

Inquiring minds want to know, is it worth damaging the atmosphere to fly the greatly over used and essentially, now, meaningless, but some how still grave, insult across the Florida skies?   Will DeSantis and any future political ambitions go down in flames over this all-important message?

Only time will tell how impactful this extraordinary effort will be; if the damage to the already fragile state of the climate will be worth it. In the meantime, by all means, activists must continue to express themselves in ways that would never be tolerated under lesser, more facist leadership.

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