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Kellogg Garden Club

The Kellogg Garden Club was instrumental in the repair of the gazebo in the Kellogg Railroad Park. The structural repairs are completed. A stain will be added in the spring.

The traditional tea will become a joint endeavor with the Baxter Garden Club. It will be held April 9 in Newton.

Kellogg Garden Club will assist the Kellogg Lions Club in serving breakfast at Holmdahl Park Dec. 4.

The group made plans for interesting programs in 2022.

The December meeting will feature a celebration of Christmas.

Sunbonnet Questers

Fourteen members met recently at the home of JoAnne Price. Members answered roll call by telling stories of family games they enjoyed playing in childhood. A variety of card games were mentioned frequently.

Members recently decorated 10 Christmas trees at the Jasper County Historical Museum to assist in the Tree Festival which will be held weekends in December. Over 139 trees will be on display then.

Members are planning a fun outing to attend the Terrace Hill Tea Dec. 13. Members enjoy seeing Terrace Hill decorated for the holidays and having a light lunch there.

JoAnne Price gave a program on Aladdin Lamps. She invited the members to tour her lovely home where she had many stunning lamps on display. Her husband Doug started the collection of 160 lamps after being shown the collections of Mark Wagner and Dennis Black. She gave a history of the Mantle Lamp Company and its 1882 founder Victor Johnson. He made many improvements in Aladdin lamp design and marketing. His lamps were popular for their beauty, versatility and good light. Lamps with this basic design are still in use today in homes without electricity but older, ornate styles are popular with collectors.

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