Charles ‘looked like spoiled child’ after outburst but ‘deserves break’ says Coleen Nolan | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

“Grief can do strange things to people, which is why I think we need to give Charles a break over the pen fiasco.”

The Loose Women star noted that the “optics weren’t great” after he appeared angry towards an aide, but believed the minor mishap could’ve “sent him over the edge”.

She went on to say: “He looked a little like a spoiled child who’s used to having everything done for him. Of course, if you’re brought up to be King, then you are used to an army of servants running your entire life for you.

“He is now the King, but he’s also a human being, trying to hold it all together during one of the most stressful and momentous weeks of his life.”

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