BBC Breakfast team forced to evacuate as alarm goes off live on air

The BBC morning show Breakfast has been forced off air early this morning as an alarm sounded in the studio. The hosts Rachel Burden and Roger Johnson were in the middle of interviewing The Apprentice winner Harpreet Kaur when the alarm went off.

During the interview suddenly a warning alarm sounded in the studio as the hosts looked stunned. The alarm then started to say: “Attention please evacuate the building” – but despite that the hosts failed to move instantly leaving fans worried and frustrated.

However the hosts did address the situation and said goodbye to viewers around five minutes early. This comes just weeks after ITV studios were forced off air due to a security threat nearby.

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The show then cut to Saturday Kitchen Live that then proceeded as normal. A BBC Breakfast spokesperson said: “The programme had to be cut short by a few minutes because an alarm was activated. There was minimal disruption to the programme.”

Fans watching BBC live have taken to social media to express their concern. @courteousclassy said: “@BBCBreakfast bit confused and concerned why 2 reporters and guests stayed on the sofa for so long with a fire alarm going off and a tannoy message to leave the building??”

@77wonder also added: “#bbc #BBC News #bbcBreakfast. Oh dear. Fire alarm going off live on BBC Breakfast. Gone off air. Hope everyone is okay.”

However shortly after host Rachel Burden updated viewers on Twitter confirming it was in fact a false alarm: “It’s all ok folks – false alarm and yes I did get some cookie pie and get to chat to the fabulous @harpsikaur @BBCBreakfast.”

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